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Looking for some design ideas for your bathroom? Check out these incredible posts from our Facebook group and get inspired!

Wait until you see #11–it’s incredible!

Thank you for sharing @simscynthia2! Look at this bathroom before and after!

There was certainly nothing wrong with it before, but this DIY do over really pops now.

We love the new basin sink and beautiful new shower!

Thank you @lizvankirk, Another amazing before and after!

The owners completley gutted the bathroom and her and her husband did it all by themselves!

And just look at how this bathroom remodel came out!

It’s hard to believe it’s even the same bathroom!

Got the blues? This DIY bathroom remodel will cheer you up!

Tammy and her husband gutted the entire bathroom and did all the work themselves!

We love the cows!

Here’s a stunning bathroom before and after by @klcomai!

This rennovation was done in a 100 year old farmhouse!

Those floors are amazing!

Look at the double vanities! What a transformation!

Belinda’s home was hit by a tornado so they had to rebuild.

The table has been in the family for over 60 years and the lantern belonged to her husband’s grandfather–amazing!

This neutral themed bathroom from @artxmom came out great!

Kristen wanted something transporation themed for her kids!

Are we a little jealous of that vanity? Maybe just a little… 

This bathroom cabinet features the going rates for using the bath!

Belinda just moved into her new home!

The master bathroom looks amazing!

@thatgirlthatbuilds and her daughter worked on this rennovation together.

They completely demolished the entire bathroom!

And turned it into a modern, coastal farmhouse!

With an added high-tech touch in the shower!

Check out the before photos in the Facebook group!

This ranch house was built in 1952 and needed some remodeling.

Fortunately the owners were handy and did the work themselves!

This ingenius DIY bathroom makeover from @sammydavis0728 was done mostly with paint!

Here’s the before pic!

This floor looks like concrete, but it’s paint! 

What a difference with the toilet seat and painted vanity!

This mirror was made with an antique window!

Well, maybe more than “kinda” like! We love this bathroom!